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The question that is asked the most by our patient is: When should I bring my child in for a check-up?

It is always better to bring your child/children in for an appointment as soon as they get their first tooth. It is important for them to get used to the environment, the sounds and sitting in the Dental chair. Our dentists can advise you on the best oral hygiene instructions for your child to help you prevent any problems in the future.

We have created a children’s program which helps children take control of their oral health.

Below are four types of appointments we offer for children.

Childrens dentist
Childrens dentist
Children's Dentist Melissa Patel
Our goals are for kids to:
  • Have fewer cavities and gum infections
  • Have more self-confidence and improved self-esteem
  • Are prepared for dental treatments
  • Have parents who are more involved
  • End up with fewer dental-related phobias
  • Gain a positive dental outlook that lasts a lifetime!


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