Dental Care For Fearful Patients in Croydon

Nervous Dental Patients

Needle Free Sedation Available. The best way to eliminate fear of the dentist.

As you can imagine, the majority of patients who come through our door are petrified of the Dentist. Are you one of those who are anxious or nervous about the dental treatments? Do you hate visiting the Dentist? Do you have a fear of the Dentist?  Many patients have a fear of the Dentist, do not let your fear put you off of the Dental treatment. We have a way to help you get over your anxious dental fear.

Here at Smile Dental Practice in Croydon, we provide Intravenous (I.V) and nasal sedation for those of you who would like relief from your dental fear. Midazolam is used to create an amnesia effect during treatment and is a very popular way to eliminate dental fear.

Amazingly we have had a lot of patients who have had Dental Sedation in the past and have gone on to have their future treatment without it and without dental anxiety. After seeing our Dentists and developing a relationship, they feel more comfortable and relaxed and this is exactly what we want to achieve with you.

Not everyone is suitable for sedation, however a consultation will be carried out and the Dentist will be able to let you know then and there if you are suitable for dental sedation. On the day of treatment you would need to ensure you have an escort to take you home from the Practice, normally our patients will rely on a family member and we would need their details before the sedation is carried out. Once you have left our East Croydon Dental Practice, be sure not to drive, operate any machinery, make any payments, drink any alcohol or sign any legal documents. We just recommend taking the rest of the day to rest and have someone with you.

Here’s a review from one of our patients who chose to opt for conscious sedation:

Am a very nervous patient requiring Intravenous sedation. Met with my dentist to set out a plan. He was brilliant today talked me again the plan again, asked me if I had any problems or concerns. The treatment itself was pain free and I was relaxed throughout... My dentist and his assistant were stars.

Booking a consultation is easy, you can call us on 020 8649 7911 where one of our Dental receptionists will be able to help you. Or you can e-mail us on to arrange a consultation or just to find out a bit more about dental sedation.

I have always been so nervous about having any work done on my teeth, when the dentist told me I could have sedation to help relax me, I was so happy. I needed a lot of work done but knowing I could have sedation took my anxiety away. I would recommend it to anyone who is nervous about having treatment.

Thank you so much to all the staff. – Lisa L
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