Melissa Patel

BDS Manc 2012

GDC Number: 229037 BDS Manc 2012

Melissa, one of the dentists here at Smile Dental Practice Croydon. She has been working at Smile since March 2017 as a general dentist, doing both NHS and private treatments.

Melissa graduated from the University of Manchester in 2012 and since has found a special interest in aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. Since graduating Melissa attended many post grad courses in order to hone and perfect her skills further in cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. Dr Patel has trained with Richard Porter and Aspire Dental Academy, and with Monik Vasant at the Fresh Dental Institute. Melissa has completed training with LAAM (London Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) to provide safe and beautiful injectable facial aesthetic treatments.

At the moment, Melissa’s keen interest is in facial aesthetic procedures and has been providing our patients with Botox, dermal fillers and skin boosters. If you’d like more information, please head over to our facial aesthetic page and you’ll find all the relevant information there!


Q1. What is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are made from a light, thin, transparent material that are a lot more discreet than the stainless steel braces we are all used to seeing. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to move teeth in to the desired position for a perfect smile.

Q2. Why do you scan my teeth?
Technology has advanced greatly and now we can use our iTero 3D scanner to scan your teeth and create an instant simulation of the results we can achieve for you. So before we even start treatment we will be able to show you what the desired outcome will be. Once we have designed your perfect smile Invisalign will construct your aligners and we will then fit these for you.
Q3. How long does Invisalign take?

Most people usually require 10-35 aligners, but this can differ case to case. During the treatment you will visit me every 8-12 weeks for a quick review and catch up! In total your treatment will depend upon the amount of adjustments needed however, on average you can expect it to last between 1 year and 18 months. Once treatment is complete, we need to make sure that your new smile lasts a lifetime so we will discuss and provide retainers for you so you can continue to flash that beautiful smile for years to come.

Q4. Can I do whitening and composite bonding?

Alongside Invisalign treatment I also provide at home whitening treatment, which I believe is the safest and most reliable way to whiten your teeth to the desired shade. As long as you are clinically fit, whitening can give you near imidate results and make your smile look amazing.

To finish off and perfect your smile, yes! I also provide composite bonding. This involves using tooth coloured filling material placed artistically to reshape and recontour your teeth to perfection. Composite bonding can repair cracks, chips, breaks and gaps in teeth as well as post orthodontic correction to worn edges of teeth. I can provide composite bonding both by directly applying this myself and slowly sculpting the teeth or using Smilefast stents.

Q5. What is Smilefast?

The benefits of using a Smilefast stent is that this method allows you to visualise your planned new smile in your mouth before we go ahead with the actual bonding itself. Smilefast will allow custom designed composites to be placed in just one application and therefore saving the patient from being in the chair for hours on end, but still providing stunning results.

Q6. Can I come to you for facial aesthetic treatment?

I also offer a range of facial aesthetic treatments including Botox, fillers and skin boosters. The aim is to enhance the natural beauty that we all possess in a safe, ethical and predictable way. In order to provide the most natural look we will discuss what it is you are trying to achieve and I will advise you on what would be best to achieve that. Having self-confidence is the main goal here and it is wonderful to see patients change once they feel happy within themselves.

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