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We know how much patients enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine but we also know this can cause unwanted staining on your teeth! Overtime your teeth may become stained or discoloured due to various things, even certain mouthwashes can cause tooth staining!

We have highly skilled Hygienists here at Smile Dental Practice, East Croydon, who will be able to perform stain removal and tooth cleaning using an ultrasonic scaler or for those of you with tougher stains, an air flow may be more suitable. However, Hygienist sessions are not just for removing stains but they are also here to educate you on how to improve your oral health and hygiene and reduce the chance of stains and plaque build-up.

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During your first appointment with one of our Hygienists, they will ask you about your teeth cleaning techniques, which inter-dental cleaning you do and which type of toothbrush you use etc. Using this information, they will be able to help you achieve better oral hygiene and health (if needed of course). After this, you will be given a full mouth clean with a polish at the end. Some patients who require a lot of teeth and mouth cleaning may need more than 1 session and the Dental Hygienist or Dentist is usually able to inform you of this at your appointment.

If your gums bleed when you brush, you may want to book yourself in an appointment with the Hygienist! A deep clean may be required to help get your gums healthy again along with good cleaning at home. Bleeding gums that are left untreated may lead to loose teeth and that’s a scary thought but rather than ignore it, call our Dental team to get some advice.  Gum disease that is left untreated can go on to Periodontal disease. Recent research shows the connection between Periodontal disease, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. If you see our Dental Hygienist at our Dental Practice in Croydon, they may recommend you seeing our Periodontal specialist for further treatment.

We have had many patients here at Smile Dental Practice, Croydon who have extremely healthy teeth but very unhealthy gums and this is something we see often. Our Dentists and Dental Hygienists will help you to achieve a healthy mouth and better your oral hygiene preventing any future problems.

Hygienist/Tooth Cleaning Services Appointment at Smile Dental Practice, East Croydon

  • The Dental Hygienist will start off by asking your tooth brushing techniques, inter-dental use, flossing etc.
  • Advice on how to improve your cleaning with Tepe brushes, floss, tooth brushing techniques.
  • The Dental Hygienist will then provide you with a scale, removing stains, plaque and cleaning beneath the gum line where your toothbrush can’t reach.
  • A polish will be done at the end, leaving your teeth feeling smooth and clean!


A session is around 30 minutes long and because of our convenient location close to East Croydon Train Station, a lot of patients pop in to have their clean done during their lunch hour!

If you are looking for caring and attentive dental hygiene treatment in Croydon, please call 020 8649 7911 or contact us

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