Specialist Dentistry in Croydon

We are proud to offer a range of specialist treatments, we want you to be in the best hands and no doubt you do too. That is why here at Smile Dental Practice we can offer you specialist treatment under the care of very highly qualified practitioners.

All our specialists have undergone numerous years of extra training in their field, to be able to offer you the best possible care.

Specialist Areas


Periodontal disease is something you may suffer with without knowing. Without diagnosis and proper treatment, this could lead to teeth becoming loose and eventually having to be removed.

More and more patients are receiving treatment for this disease but fortunately they are getting the best possible outcome with our specialist.


Our endodontic specialist can carry out root canal treatment or treat a tooth that has previously received root canal treatment but has failed. The specialist only carries out this treatment meaning they are able to provide you with a more precise and efficient treatment.


Smile with confidence again. Whether it’s to fix the spaces between your teeth, correct your bite or to simply straighten your teeth. Invisalign may be the answer for you. We have treated many patients and have helped them all to smile again.


The best fixed solution for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. The natural appearance of implants will help to replace the space whilst still blending in with your existing teeth. We’re proud to have helped so many patients transform their smile.

Referring a patient for treatment 

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