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At Smile Dental Practice in Croydon, we have our own Orthodontist who specialises in a variety of braces. From traditional metal braces, Invisalign, Damon braces, ceramic and Lingual braces (braces on the back of the teeth).

We understand that not everyone is suitable for Invisalign and may need fixed braces, especially if your case is complicated.

Whether you’d like to straighten your teeth, close some spaces or correct your bite. Our Orthodontist will see you for a free consultation and discuss the different types of braces she can provide and which ones would be more suitable for you.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a more discreet way of straightening your teeth using tooth coloured brackets and wires instead of the traditional metal ones. Using clear brackets made of Porcelain, these are bonded on to your teeth. A thin wire is then used with the brackets and these together, help to move your teeth.

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Lingual Braces

Lingual (hidden) braces are like fixed, traditional braces but are placed behind the back of your teeth as opposed to the front surfaces. During your free consultation, the Orthodontist will discuss whether you are suitable for Lingual braces and then will discuss the process with you. These braces are the most discreet because they are placed on the inside of your teeth, so they are almost obscured from view.

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Damon Brace

Although these braces may look like traditional fixed braces, Damon braces are a fantastic way to straighten your teeth and is usually quicker! Using the latest technology, Damon brackets reduce friction and allow the wire to move more freely, meaning some patients can see results after only 6 months. You can also get clear Damon braces, if you’d like to have a more discreet option.

Your Orthodontist will be able to discuss how this brace works during your free orthodontic consultation.

“Ronak “ Samaneh Shams - Specialist in Orthodontics

If you’re keen to have any braces like Invisalign, Damon, lingual or ceramic but are worried about the cost. We currently provide a 0% finance up to 18 months, so you can spread the cost over monthly instalments at no extra charge.

Let us see you in our East Croydon Dental Practice to make your teeth straight. Please call 020 8649 7911 or contact us.

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